Lake Michigan Engagment Session

I will ALWAYS recommend going to Lake Michigan for your couple's engagement session! Nothing can compete with Pure Michigan. Maddie and Ben were down for my crazy ideas and had some of their own. One memory that really stuck out ( and it was so cute I got it on behind the scene video too, awwwwww) They had run into the water, he lifted her up and she said "I don't know if this is a good idea!" to which I yelled "Do it!!" and it's one of my most favorite images this far!! It's the very first one below :) I loved their neutral outfits, and I'm so glad my outfit guide (a little something special I send exclusively to my clients) was helpful and they turned out so cute, perfect for a beach session.

Ya know that feeling you feel when you see that "young love" ( '05 Chris Brown IYKYK) in a couple out to dinner or on date night? But imagine that energy ALL THE TIME <3 That is Maddie & Ben. Full of joy and excitement, love and bliss. The warm glow of the sun setting on the water was just stunning. I love seeing night's like these, reminding me of God's promises and the beauty he makes. These are the nights I wish I could relive and am looking forward to for this summer! Such a blessing and always an honor to create these memories and document two people's love!!