Ronnie & Machaela


These two became fast friends of mine. When I first met them for their engagement session, they brought me tulip's, a symbol of great importance to Ronnie and Machaela, but unbeknownst to them it was also my favorite flower!! I mean come oooon, I've never had a client bring me flowers that was so freaking sweet!! Come the day of their wedding, everything was beautiful, and such a vision to behold. You could tell they took time in planning every detail and including as much family and friends into their day. It made it truly special. Machaela looked absolutely stunning in her gown, I was in love with the sleeves!

Their wedding day was filled with joyous smiles and laughter, they made a point to visit every single table and see their guests which is always so sweet. Your wedding day can go by so quickly and before you know it people are starting to leave before you've been able to say more than just "thanks for coming". Family and friends were so sweet and welcoming to me, I greatly enjoyed my conversation during dinner time with those I shared my table with :) You could tell by the company these two kept, that they were good and God loving people. By the way they looked at each other throughout the night, the hand holding and forehead kisses, you could tell they still gave each other butterflies <3